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MasterPython is a professional institute that provides Python programming training to the general public and organizations. Our mission is to reduce the obstacles in the learning journey and enable everyone to leverage the power of programming.

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We are experienced data scientists and we have been programming in Python in our whole career. As data scientists, we build various large-scale machine learning systems with Python. 

We have gone through the difficult parts in our Python learning journeys. And now, we want to share our experience with you and help you walk through the learning threshold in which most people would be stuck and give up. Stay tuned!

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We are experienced in instructing in both enterprises and higher education.
Our Mission

masterPython brings you closer to the tech world at the beginning and makes you thrive

We are here to help reduce the obstacles in the Python learning journey and enable everyone to leverage the power of programming.

Our Story

We once were just like you, a clueless and helpless learner in programming...

We learned Python several years ago with only online courses and resources. Soon, we noticed that it is far from a good way as there are tons of obstacles you need to overcome: no guidance, no instruction, no advice in debugging, no good practice. We spent a considerable amount of time consolidating the knowledge from fragments flowing on the internet.

That is the reason why we founded MasterPython: We don’t want any passionate learner to suffer the same thing again. The learning journey could be much more joyful and efficient. In our experience, 90% of the self-learners give up before they can build anything meaningful. Actually, you don’t need to spend 500 hours to learn the boring stuff yourself and receive no feedback. We believe that everyone can become a decent programmer in much shorter time with well-designed courseware and suitable guidance.

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