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Python Programming
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Learn Python in our flagship courses – From Beginners to Practical Users. You will learn how to write Python programs in a professional way with our experts, and make a real progress with our help to become a practical user.

MasterPython Python Programming - Best Python Course In-person in Hong Kong & Singapore
In-person Python Courses

From beginners to practical users

There are 2 courses in our From Beginners to Practical Users series. Master Python I will equip you with all the essentials of Python to make you feel confident to use Python in different scenarios. Master Python II will guide you with more advanced topics if you want to further develop in Python world.

Master Python I - Best Python Course In-person in Hong Kong & Singapore
From Beginners To Practical Users​

Learn Python from scratch with the best guidance and complete with the solid programming skills.

Master Python II - Best Python Course In-person in Hong Kong & Singapore
From Beginners To Practical Users​
Master Python II (Coming Soon)

Further develop with the advanced topics in Python and level up to become more competitive.

your Beginning into a tech world

You can use a few enticing words and flaunt your capabilities that will attract future clients and encourage them to hire you right away.

6 reasons to learn python

Why learn Python?


Ranked as the most popular programming language in the world. It means it is most needed.


Python is designed for easy understanding and it reads like plain English.


Learning Python as your first coding language can be the easiest step to get into the Tech World.


Python is like the default language for AI & Analytics as most related tools are in Python.


Python is a general-purpose language, which means that it can be used to build about anything.


From the Developer Survey, Python was one of the most in-demand languages in recent years.

Why MasterPython?

Our In-person courses are For all the beginners who want to get into tech world

“Why it doesn’t work?”, “It’s another Error Message and I don’t understand…” There are too many pitfalls at the start of learning a programming language. We know how difficult it is to learn Python without any help when you do it completely online, that’s why we tailor all of our course in in-person setting to help you pass through the hardest part in your learning journey – the Learning Threshold.

Why MasterPython? Best Python Courses in Hong Kong & Singapore

Advantages of Our In-Person Courses


Walk you through the learning threshold

Everybody needs help at the beginning, especially for programming. Our in-person courses are deliberately designed to make your success easy by walking you through the learning threshold.


Learn ➭ Checkpoint ➭ Apply
We make it engaging

Effective learning is a systematic process. Learn – to absorb new knowledge. Checkpoint – to check if you fully get it. Apply – to ensure you can put it into practice. Engaging learning starts here.


Ask your Questions in class, get clear as you progress

It is not unusual to spend a couple of hours just on solving one little error in Python when you just start learning, and that’s really discouraging. That’s why we are here in class to answer your questions to make sure you progress.

MasterPython helps you pass through the Learning Threshold - Best Python Courses in Hong Kong & Singapore
Walk you through the learning Threshold with us.
Disadvantages of Learning your first programming language online

Our Happy Learners!

Kin and LP are experienced data science practitioners with excellent teaching skills. They are able to go through difficult concepts in an easier way... I highly recommend you.                                                                                                      
Benny Mak
Audit Manager (Data), The Hong Kong Jockey Club
LP & Kin were exceptional... providing such a high-quality class. The sessions were interactive and engaging with knowledge & experience sharing. The content was great and practical. Both LP & Kin are fantastic educators... Thank you!
Connie Tang
Senior Consultant (Data, Finance, Risk & Compliance), Capgemini
I benefit a lot from their teaching, since I lacked of motivation to learn it online by myself. They not only provided good knowledge about how to write good programs in Python, they also ignited my interest in programming, making things enjoyable to learn.
Mavis Sze
Interior Designer in Hong Kong

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