Jun, 12, 2021

Learn Python to become a global talent

Why Python is the most sought-after skill in various countries?

Python Users as Global Talents - Python Courses

There are many reasons you should learn Python: feed your curiosity, enter the future world, realize your business idea, etc. A less mentioned but equally concrete one is you can become a global talent after equipping this most sought-after skill in the tech world.

At the moment I search on LinkedIn, there are more than 500,000 openings worldwide, including Canada, United States, UK, etc. Typical career options for Python programmers include Python Developer, Data Expert (Data Scientist/Data Engineer), Full Stack Developer, and Quant Trader.

Linkedin jobs for python

We can get a taste of how popular Python is in different countries. According to Python Developers Survey 2020, job openings are widely spread worldwide.

Python jobs in survey
Source: Python Developers Survey

Besides the geographic distribution, Python is also among the top skills those tech giants are hiring for. For example, a survey on Google’s job postings on Burning Glass showed that Google has put Python as its most wanted skill.

Source: Burning Glass

Let’s take Data Scientist as an example to explore the opportunities you may get.

United States – a shortfall of some 250,000 data scientists

As per the McKinsey report, the United States is facing a shortage of approximately 190,000 data scientists in 2018. This trend is likely to continue in the near term. While McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) estimates that the number of graduates from data science programs could increase by a robust 7 percent per year, the high-case scenario projects even greater (12 percent) annual growth in demand, which would lead to a shortfall of some 250,000 data scientists by 2024.

Some tech giants like IBM, Cognizant, and Amazon are addressing the talent shortage by upskilling their existing employees. Methods include encouraging employees to take MOOCs and recruiting a third-party education provider. Sometimes, employees in non-data-related roles are also encouraged to participate in technical training.

Australia – demand grew 3 times in 5 years

The demand for data scientists in Australia is growing as well. The survey of Indeed reveals that the number of job postings is booming in the past few years.

Australia Python Jobs
Source: Indeed

Meanwhile, in order to fill the talent gap, Australia is offering qualified migrants permanent residency. On 4 November 2019, the Global Talent Independent (GTI) program was officially launched to provide a streamlined, priority pathway for highly skilled and talented individuals to obtain Australian permanent residency. Data scientist is one of the target sectors of the program.

United Kingdom – Demand rose 231% over the past 5 years

Britain is facing “explosive demand” for data science, according to The Royal Society. Demand for data scientists and data engineers tripled over the past five years, rising 231%.

The UK government also provides working Visa for skilled data scientists to apply for. Data Scientist is already included in the Shortage Occupation List, which largely reduces barriers to attract overseas talents.

Canada – national storage in the next 10 years

According to the Canadian Occupational Projections System, Data Scientist is  “expected to face labour shortage conditions over the period of 2019-2028 at the national level“. Moreover, “Immigration will continue to be a major contributor to job seekers, as this occupational group is very popular among newcomers”

What’s Next

In the previous sessions, we explore the data scientist job market in various countries. Of course, it is not the only career option for Python programmers. The problem is not landing a job, but how to gain proficiency in Python. Are you ready for the journey with MasterPython?

6 reasons to learn python

Why learn Python?


Top 1 language

Ranked as the most popular programming language in the world. It means it is most needed.


Easy to Learn & Friendly

Python is designed for easy understanding and it reads like plain English.


Shortcut to Tech World

Learning Python as your first coding language can be the easiest step to get into the Tech World.

Code for AI & Analytics

Python is like the default language for AI & Analytics as most related tools are in Python.


Multi-purpose Language

Python is a general-purpose language, which means that it can be used to build about anything.


High Demand for Jobs

From the Developer Survey, Python was one of the most in-demand languages in recent years.

Why MasterPython?

Our In-person courses are For all the beginners who want to get into tech world

“Why it doesn’t work?”, “It’s another Error Message and I don’t understand…” There are too many pitfalls at the start of learning a programming language. We know how difficult it is to learn Python without any help when you do it completely online, that’s why we tailor all of our course in in-person setting to help you pass through the hardest part in your learning journey – the Learning Threshold.

Why MasterPython? Best Python Courses in Hong Kong & Singapore

Advantages of Our In-Person Courses


Walk you through the learning threshold

Everybody needs help at the beginning, especially for programming. Our in-person courses are deliberately designed to make your success easy by walking you through the learning threshold.


Learn, Checkpoint, Apply - We make it engaging

Effective learning is a systematic process. Learn – to absorb new knowledge. Checkpoint – to check if you fully get it. Apply – to ensure you can put it into practice. Engaging learning starts here.


Ask your Questions in class, get clear as you progress

It is not unusual to spend a couple of hours just on solving one little error in Python when you just start learning, and that’s really discouraging. That’s why we are here in class to answer your questions to make sure you progress.

MasterPython helps you pass through the Learning Threshold - Best Python Courses in Hong Kong & Singapore
Walk you through the learning Threshold with us.
Disadvantages of Learning your first programming language online